Sunday, October 6, 2013

One At A Time

About 5 months ago, I created this ME ME ME notebook to dedicate some time of a day just for myself hoping that I will fill this with my project plans, some journals, some wish lists, etc.  It hasn't been so successful.  I have managed to make some lists and even cross out some items from them, but it has been very difficult to keep pushing.  I stayed up late to make some time for my creative projects, but I ended up getting sick so often and realized that I have to maintain my health in order to succeed in having a balanced life.  Balance, balance, balance.  I cannot push too hard, but I should not completely surrender to my busyness.  Taking my husband's suggesting, I decided to blog once a week.  That way, I can feel that I am doing something to enrich my creativity even if I don't have time to work on my drawings and other projects.

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